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Automation Vision Systems are the latest cutting edge technology for the automation world.

Machine and Robot Vision  =  Reliability

Machine Vision can

  • Provide valuable quality information that can be recorded and saved in a production database

  • Identify the exact product location

  • Identify different products in the same working envelope

  • Take measurements on or between products

  • Improve the repeatability in  production processes

  • Inspect for defects or variations in products

  • Provide machine guidance for upstream or downstream process

Automation Vision

At McAlister Design, we understand that the proper lighting is the key to any machine or robotic vision application. We specialize in providing exactly what is needed to properly view the product or process with the correct amount of resolution and field of view.

Vision System Greenville

McAlister Design excels at integrating vision systems into custom design automated equipment and custom designed robot systems. We provide turn-key solutions involving CCD Cameras, OCR Cameras, Line Scan Cameras, and GigE High Resolution Cameras. We can provide all of the programming for these cameras as well as the integration with a PLC, PC, or Vision Human-Machine Interface. 

McAlister Design recently became a Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) for Cognex Machine Vision Cameras. We also have experience with 2D and 3D barcode readers as well as RFID technologies.

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