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Full Assembly Lines

McAlister Design & Automation designs complete assembly production line automation. We have a team of Mechanical and Electrical engineers that can take automation ideas and create complete conceptual and eventually fully detailed designs.


McAlister Design has almost 45,000 square foot of assembly shop floor space to build large scale production line equipment throughout of three main assembly areas.

Productions lines will be fully assembled and wired at MDI, powered up and tested at MD&A, and run at specified throughout at our facility before they are cleared to leave. Customers are encouraged to be very involved with this Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the equipment and will have the final sign off responsibility to initiate the install phase of the project.

Assembly Line

Robotic Production Lines

Inverted Robot

McAlister Design & Automation also specializes in using robots for production line equipment. We have designed and built systems with one, two, three, and even four robots working together on the same automation line. We are comfortable with using as many robots as are needed to get the task accomplished and still be cost competitive for the whole project.

Using robots on production line equipment can easily help you reduce the required foot-print for your production line as well as help you increase the line's efficiency, throughput, and repeatability. Six-axis fully articulated robotic arms as well as the new delta arm structured robots are now faster and more accurate than ever before. McAlister Design has designed many robot systems with complete product cycle times less than 3 seconds per part.

Large Production lines (like stand alone robot systems) still require complete compliance to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Robot Industries Association (RIA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). McAlister Design & Automation works hard to comply with all three of these regulatory agencies as well as designing production line systems that comply with the current National Electric Code (NEC) and the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery detailed in the NFPA 79. McALister Design & Automation utilizes the latest safety rated technologies and fencing structures to keep nearby operators and machinery safe from new high speed equipment.

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